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Planet Media produces several high-quality, informative online websites and print publications designed to connect businesses, connect people and entertain. We help businesses of all kinds with advertising, branding, marketing, graphic design, marketing materials and much more. We are based in Wayzata, MN and work with companies around the state of Minnesota as well around the US.

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Previous to the Planet Media name known today, Planet Media Communications was founded in 2009 by Scott Holgate. In January of 2018 Arvig Media purchased several entities from Planet Media Communications. Those assets included Apartment Living Guide, Shop.Dine. Live, the magazine displays in Cub Foods in the Twin Cities and Family Fares in Fargo, ND.

Planet Media Communication’s first publication, the Apartment Living Guide premiered in August 2010 in the Twin Cities. Shortly thereafter; the Apartment Living Guide was launched in St. Cloud, MN, Madison, WI, Fargo, ND and Sioux Falls, SD markets. Planet Media Communications introduced the Job Guide in 2014 in Fargo, ND. All of our publications have robust websites with tens of thousands of unique and returning visitors monthly.

Vendor Guide was launched in the fall of 2011. The Vendor Guide has been serving the Multi-Family industry for over 8 years in the Twin Cities and on January 1, 2019 we launched our Commercial Property Edition of Vendor Guide in The Twin Cities.

In July of 2019 Des Moines Vendor Guide launched and in January of 2020, Louisville, KY is launching. The Multi-Family and Commercial Vendor Guide editions are chock full of professional service companies and suppliers. If you are interested in advertising in the The Vendor Guide, contact us today!

In 2015, Planet Media Communications launched Shop.Dine.Live, a new and exciting lifestyle publication. SDL is dedicated to presenting a wide variety of content covering restaurants and bars, sports, fashion, shopping, the arts - anything the community may be interested in. There are two editions of Shop.Dine.Live - one is published, mailed and distributed in the Fargo, ND metro area while the other is direct mailed in the downtown Minneapolis, MN area as well as mailed to affluent homes in the entire Twin Cities Metro area. SDL features the largest audience for any PMC publications, and it continues to grow with every monthly issue released.

  • 2009Founding of Planet Media Communications

    In the Fall of 2009, Scott founded Planet Media Communications. Burt joined the firm the following June.
  • 2010Apartment Living Guide magazine (Twin Cities)

    Together, in August of 2010, we launched Apartment Living Guide magazine and website in the Twin Cities.
  • 2011Apartment Living Guide magazine (St. Cloud, MN)

    In June of 2011, we launched an Apartment Living Guide magazine in St Cloud MN. In September of 2011 they launched, The Property Management Vendor Guide in the Twin Cities.
  • 2011Multi-Family Vendor Guide-Twin Cities

    September 1st, 2011 the Multi-Family Vendor Guide was launched in the Twin Cities.
  • 2012Apartment Living Guide magazine (Madison, WI)

    In January 2012, Apartment Living Guide magazine was launched in Madison WI. In January of 2013, Apartment Living Guide magazine was launched in Fargo ND. In March of 2014, Apartment Living Guide magazine was launched in Sioux Falls SD.
  • 2014Job Guide

    In August of 2014, Job Guide of ND website and publication was launched.
  • 2014Shop. Dine. Live. (Fargo, ND)

    In November of 2014, Shop. Dine. Live. was launched in Fargo.
  • 2014Shop. Dine. Live. (Maple Grove, MN)

    In December, Shop. Dine. Live was launched in Maple Grove MN.
  • 2015Shop. Dine. Live. (Downtown Mpls., MN)

    In July of 2015, Shop. Dine. Live. of downtown Mpls was launched.
  • 2016Shop. Dine. Live. (Metro Edition)

    In April of 2016, Shop. Dine. Live. - Metro edition (Twin Cities) was launched.
  • 2016Shop. Dine. Live. (Downtown Mpls., MN & Metro Edition)

    In July of 2016, the Metro edition and downtown Mpls edition of Shop. Dine. Live. were merged to provide the largest audience Planet Media has ever delivered to it's advertisers.
  • 2018Planet Media Communications

    On January 12, 2018 Arvig Media purchased several business entities from Planet Media Communications. Those include Apartment Living Guide, Shop. Dine. Live., Job Guide and all of the magazines displays in Cub Foods and Family Fare stores. We are excited to see these products and services continue to grow under the new ownership.
  • 2019Commercial Vendor Guide

    In January of 2019, the Commercial Edition of Vendor Guide was launched in the Twin Cites. At that time, we also opened up other markets for independent owners to licence new territories and start thier own Vendor Guides. July 1, 2019 Des Moines Multi-Family Vendor Guide launched and on January 1st of 2020, Louisville, KY will be mailed!
  • 2018-2020Planet Media

    While maintaining our proven product lines, promotional products, apparel, marketing solutions and services. Planet Media is also focused on bringing new and creative ideas to the market.

    Call us today to learn more or for your free, no obligation meeting. If you are interested in starting your own Vendor Guide, give us a call! New markets are available and reserving your territory is affordable and full training is provided.